We have created our own newspaper called The Posh Paper to reflect the culture of the 4 big clubs.

It is tabloid sized, printed on news sheets  and 20 pages with a print run of 3,000 copies. It comes out once a year and is free to the punters.  As well as photos from the clubs and listings of all the performances for the whole year across all 4 clubs, it features the sort of miscellaneous light ephemera that are in usual tabloid newspapers: a crossword, a horoscope, a cartoon, an agony aunt, a pin-up, features on the talent, Volunteer of the Year, dedications, a recipe, The Posh Club Top 10 Pop Charts and other bits and bobs, written by the main faces from the clubs.  The idea is to create a culture around the clubs – link them together, get a bit of cross pollination, and aim to create a sort of ‘scene’.

It’s available at all of the four big clubs – Crawley, Hackney, Hastings & Brighton – while stocks last.  Pick up a copy!