The Posh Paper

We have created our own newspaper called The Posh Paper to reflect the culture of The Posh Club.

It is tabloid sized, full colour, 24 pages and free to the punters.  It features local news and views, photos, features on the talent, artists and volunteers, a crossword, a horoscope, a cartoon, an agony aunt, a pin-up, dedications, recipes, music features and other bits and bobs, written by the main faces from the clubs.  The idea is to create a culture around the clubs – link them together, get a bit of cross pollination, and aim to create a sort of ‘scene’.

Four new Summer issues of The Posh Paper were released and sent out in August 2020, one from each of the clubs in London (Hackney & Elephant), Brighton, Hastings & Crawley.

Look out for a copy!